Mission Statement

So, having successfully completed the equivalent of an “About Me” section, a first post is the next logical step. Cup of coffee at the ready, Ed Sheeran’s voice to back me up, and I’m ready to go. Go. Start. COMMENCE.

Part of the reason for entering the online blogging community is that I want a medium to record and display my experiences in my year abroad. So I thought I’d get a head-start and practice now, to save me an extra job at the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a hectic experience. I plan to recall events that I believe to be of interest or amusement to others, display  photos, and take notes on the similarities and differences between British and American culture.

Having visited New England and  Texas already, I do have some experiences of the language barrier and cultural misunderstandings that can arise between Americans and Brits. Undoubtedly, I will recall previous encounters when I venture West, into California. I expect to learn a lot out there, and if I can verbalise that, it would be fantastic.

Writing is an excellent means of communication, and with the explosion of online social media, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Getting your word out there is becoming increasingly easy. I want to be part of this. Not only to recount my year abroad, but to also try writing about current events or things I am passionate about. Without sounding disgustingly clichéd I want to offer opinions, stimulate discussion and engage with others, through what  I write in this blog. That is, after all, why we are all here right?

Having defined my intention, I now turn my attention to more immediate matters.

In about an hour I am going paintballing for a friend’s 20th birthday party. Cannot wait, but I have a feeling I will return looking like this poor sod:

  Source: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3170/2742701132_b0c6e9d70f.jpg

Wish me luck!

Wandering Canary.

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