Some of you who have read my blog before may have realised, I’m a bit of a gym monkey, and enjoy sport (football mostly). Up until yesterday, things had been pretty low with the whole exam slog. Last night I had a terrible night sleep, and I’m almost adamant that it was to do with the fact I haven’t been exercising as regularly as I usually do. This morning, I hit the gym and BAM, my concentration was about 100 times better while revising, and it felt like I was actually absorbing the information, rather than just looking at it. Moreover, I know that I’ll sleep well tonight, which is excellent given that I have an exam tomorrow.

I have this theory that exercise is one of the best things you can make time for in your life. I know it’s not for everyone but for me, it has so many benefits:

  1. I sleep SO much better when exercising regularly, and hard.
  2. When it’s out of my system, I have so much more energy (paradoxically) and drive to be productive that day.
  3. You have to love the endorphin high after decent exercise.
  4. I love the sense of accomplishment when I know I’ve had a good workout, hit new targets, or reached established goals.

I recently saw a pretty amazing video about a guy’s body transformation over one year, and it has inspired me to get myself a new set of goals and more motivation. As much as I’ve been a gym member for about 4-5 years now, and during that time (at my most dedicated) I have gone a max of 4-5 times per week, I’ve not ever truly trained hard with some ultimate goal or whatever in mind. With the prospect of several free days between the end of my exams and going home, and a summer that would otherwise largely consist of working and saving for California, I am going to use those few weeks to really focus and work hard.

I thought this blog would be a great place to chart my progress. When I get back home to my local gym, I plan to get a new programme and fresh approach, so I would be able to record that and see if I have any noticeable gains. So this is a kind of “watch-this-space” post. My plan is follows:

  1. Record my initial weight, diet, programme and body shape after my last exam, as the initial start point.
  2. Then just use this blog as some kind of regular progress check, say every week.
  3. Hopefully I’ll be able to see improvement!

At the moment, my rough (to-be-honed) goals are:

  1. Get fitter (I have been criminally ignoring cardio recently) so I can hopefully deal with the temperature difference between here and California better, permitting me to play football and run outside more comfortably.
  2. Get a beach body suitable for Santa Barbara and California in detail. Disclaimer- In advance of any haters or trolls here, do one. I couldn’t care less if you see that as a vanity project, it’s human nature to want to look your best, deal with it. And even if you don’t see it that way, that’s your personal choice, and this is mine, so I’m glad we’ve got that cleared up.
  3. Improve my overall technique.
  4. Explore new workout approaches, techniques and exercises (timings, reps, speed etc).

It’s amazing how much the thought of this project has given me inspiration, it makes the end of the exams even more appealing! I’m excited to get under way with it, and I hope going virtual with it will give me more encouragement to keep on top of it! Bring it on.


6 thoughts on “Refocused

  1. Go you!!!! I think I’m turning into a bit of a “gym-junkie” (although I’ve never actually been to the gym!). I like to think of exercise as sort of self-relfection/stress relief, that run first thing in the morning when everything’s still fresh n’ frosty hahah certainly wakes you up for the day! I think i’m going to be day dreaming about summer all day now that you’ve mentioned “beach body” hahaha

    • Please explain to me how you can be a gym-junkie and never have been to one :P?! I’m a little confused haha! I know, it’s nice to get exercise out of the way, and with running tracks as nice as yours where you are, it must be a real pleasure! As to the day-dreaming part… go ahead 😛 😉 pahaha The thought of getting my butt down to the beach has gotten me through my exams, that’s for sure!

      • Haha ok ok so not exactly a ‘gym junkie’ – I hate gyms! But lets call it exercise freak? The last couple of weeks of intense workouts has got me feeling really good so I’m kinda gutted to be going back to uni next week because I won’t have as much time =(

      • Haha, gotcha 😛 Intense workouts are brilliant, when you know you’ve been working hard and really feel it, there’s nothing like it! Keep an eye out for the next gym diary post I do as it will be about my new workout regime. It’s called the “Blast Workout”, and boy oh boy is it intense haha. It’s insane, and has been killing me this past week! It’s been so effective though, I swear I’ve noticed changes already after only about 5 sessions! When do your university years run? Ours go from Late September through to late June. Maybe you can still keep the intense workouts, as you get them done more quickly (in theory).

      • Hah our uni year goes in 2 semesters, feb til june then july til early november, I actually really can’t wait to start on Monday!!! Aside from the running I’ve had nothing to do this past week!! And yeah hopefully that theory works out haha itll have to be short, fast bursts i think =)

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