Norfolk Photography Album

These are various photos that I have taken around Norfolk, mostly of its coastal areas, in the summers of 2010-11. I hope you can get a glimpse of the beautiful side of Norfolk too. Please let me know what you think of them.

Cromer promenade panorama.

Cromer Pier panorama.

Southwold Pier panorama.

Southwold Pier and beach huts.

Panorama from the end of Southwold Pier.

Panorama from the end of Southwold Pier, towards Lighthouse.

Jetty at Walberswick.

Beach huts at Southwold.

Seascape at Sheringham.

Panorama of Martham Broad, taken from the top of Martham Church.

Panorama of Somerton wind turbines, from Martham Church.

Reed bed near Martham Broad.

Farm track near Marthm Broad.

River Thurne near Martham.

Reed bed near Somerton.

Abandoned church in Somerton.


8 thoughts on “Norfolk Photography Album

  1. Norfolk looks pretty… but also like it’s a little stuck in the 50’s. I quite like that though. Makes me want a pair of Lennon-esque sunglasses.

    • The coastal areas are quite “traditional” seaside towns, which I think is part of their charm. Like you said, a bit stuck in a time warp to the past! The traditional deck chairs, beach huts and piers give it that feeling I think. But a nice place to spend a day at the beach!

    • Thank you Renee! I’m glad you like them. Can you remember the Norfolk coast much? If so where did you visit most? I’d like to hear what Dave has to say on them, as the main photography guru I know!

      • We lived in Great Yarmouth so I do remember the coast there very well. I don’t remember the names of all the places we visited, but I know that we would take weekly Sunday drives and visit many different places.
        I will send this link to Dave so he can view them.

  2. Hey Ben,

    Renee pointed me to your blog… some really nice shots in your photo section. I’m generally not a big fan of panoramas, but the Cromer Promenade and especially the Cromer Pier pano’s are very creative and well executed.

    Only universal critique I would have is to watch those level horizons. Seems like you have the same natural tendency as I have in holding about 1 degree clockwise rotation… I fight it all the time. Also… check to see if your editing software has a lens distortion filter… You can remove some of the barrel distortion and have perfectly straight lines that way. PhotoShop and PhotoShop elements have distortion/perspective filtering.

    Farm track near Marthm Broad is another good one… I wonder what a lower angle would have looked like? Beach huts at Southwold- GREAT. The Abandoned church in Somerton is another very creative angle… I like.

    Overall GREAT work… keep it up. I look forward to seeing more.

    • Thanks for your positive criticism Dave, much appreciated! I will keep an eye on my tilting when taking panoramas in future. I don’t really use editing software- I only tweaked the colour balance and contrast on the Cromer Pier panorama, to make it warmer and more dramatic. Other than that they’re all unedited! But I will look into getting some editing software for future albums. Since visiting Texas, and speaking to you about more creative angles and artistic shots, I have tried to incorporate them into my work, so I’m glad you like them! If you have a photography site, blog or any new work, I’d love to see them too.

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