Who’s the guy with the beard?

Some explanation for “Wandering Canary” is required. A Norwich City FC fan is known as a Canary. Here I am, at a football match… in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hence, Wandering Canary.

My name is Ben Craske. I am a second-year public history student at New Mexico State University, working on my MA. I am a graduate assistant and cannot wait to finish my degree. I’m itching to get into the job market, and I would love to build a career in a museum or historical society. Somewhere I can facilitate engagement between the public and the past.

Now the formal bit’s out of the way, see below for more info about me:

  1. I come from Norwich in Norfolk, England, and am proud of this, despite the stereotypes. It is a beautiful county, perhaps slightly out of sync with the rest of England, but I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else in the world home. Except maybe Ogunquit, Maine, USA, but I will get to that shortly.
  2. I am an absolutely ardent Norwich City FC supporter, a truly Yellow Canary. I have held a season ticket for 13 years, since I was seven years old, and still have one, even though I’m at university and cannot afford to return home regularly to watch games.
  3.  I adore art, and dabble in photography too. I was a member of the Warwick Student Art Society in my first year of university, and was the President of the exec in my second year of undergrad.
  4. I have been involved in a project ran by Tate Britain, at Norwich Castle Art Gallery called Visual Dialogues. I critically evaluated family themed pieces in two collections in the gallery, then did my own responses. This culminated in my work being exhibited in the Castle Gallery, and being published in book that went on sale at the Tate Britain itself. Perhaps one of the proudest achievements of my life so far. 
  5. Stephen King is my hero. I persuaded my family to tour New England one summer, and we visited major real-life sites from his books, and his hometown Bangor. I saw the cemetery from the film “Pet Cemetery”, the canal from “IT”, and most importantly, the absolutely stunning town of Ogunquit, Maine, which stole my heart.
  6. This is why: 
  7. His Dark Tower Series is better than the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (controversial, I know).
  8. I spent a year abroad in California, as part of my undergrad degree at UC Santa Barbara. To be a student at UCSB spoils many things for you afterwards because the lifestyle and location are just fantastic.
  9. One of my long-term goals is to live and work in the US. I’m besotted by it.
  10. Haven’t got the foggiest clue how I’m going to manage the above.
  11. I am fatally allergic to nuts. Rampantly uncaring, bastard airline companies have tried to have me killed off. Twice. They ask you if you have dietary requirements, but anything more complex than a vegetarian meal is beyond these incompetent so-and-so’s. I’m getting bored by it quite frankly.
  12. I used to play football (soccer, for any American readers, but I hate that you can’t just call it by its real name), but an obliterated knee sustained on a football tour in Poland has now limited my involvement to casual games. Instead, I go to the gym. Much less hassle, do it in your own time, set your own challenges, with no mud and there is definitely a social side to it as well.
  13. My Dad isn’t just my father, he’s my best friend too.
  14. This is my first ever blog, I cannot wait to get underway, but be gentle.

So that, folks, gives you a little bit more insight into the man behind the beard. I look forward to making entries, hope you enjoy reading them, and then engaging with them.


11 thoughts on “Who’s the guy with the beard?

  1. I’m looking forward to reading about your time spent over on this side! When you’re in California, I absolutely must urge you to drive north on highway 1! You’ll want to have a camera with you. Trust me.

  2. Hey! You seem like a cool dude! I’m looking at doing a few months in Cali myself next year, just not overly sure how the whole “work visa” scenario will go down haha Ever considered a uni exchange in NZ? =)

    • Haha, thanks! Work visas are a pain in the butt, it’s normally safer to go the exchange/intern route I think :S Things like Camp America etc are good for helping you through the process ,it all depends on what you’re after I suppose. I spoke to some lads in the US embassy doing football coaching in San Francisco for 2 months, with decent pay and accommodation. If you’ve got sport expertise/lifeguarding qualifications or something similar, they love you. If not… well you just have to cross your fingers! I’ve never really looked into NZ I must admit! Is it a good option? What makes it stand out :)?

      • Haha yeah I was just thinking of the expense going through a uni exchange or something, it’d be cheaper on my own to stay family I think, but camp America’s always looked awesome!!!!! Again, just really expensive haha yea I don’t really play sport……. Hahaha NZs AWESOME!!!!! It’d be impossible to narrow it down….. I mean, despite the earthquakes, and Christchurch being a total hole right now, it’s still pretty awesome! The lack of things to do in chch I think makes people a bit more creative haha (although, in sayin that, I can’t wait to leave!!!!!) =D

      • My uni exchange isn’t too bad- I don’t pay the US tuition fees (astronomical) and I pay half my fees to my uni in England. But then there’s the dreaded accommodation charges… :S Not cool. Family is a sensible shout! My knowledge of NZ is pretty limited… outside the Lord of the Rings films :P!! It looks pretty impressive and I’ve heard it’s an excellent place to travel around. Is that where you’re from? And when you say it makes people more creative, what does that entail haha :P?! I’m a sucker for scenery, so I imagine NZ would be a great place for me to visit and take some photos 🙂 What makes you want to leave?

  3. Hahaha Lord of the Rings is pretty accurate in describing the scenery and landscape. Well I guess not having many places to go (since a lot has closed down after the earthquakes) the amount of crazy dress up parties and random road trips out of town has certainly increased (i.e. next week me and a friend are going on a trip and being broke students n all will probably end up sleeping in the car hahaha) I guess you learn to enjoy the little things you probably didnt enjoy so much before, like movie marathon sleep overs we had when we were like 12 haha
    The main reason I want to leave is because I think there’s so much else to see, I saw a quote the other day actually that said “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – I want to read the entire book, front to back, many times over =)

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